“I have been attending Shameless Fitness for several months and love the classes. I get a high intensity workout and excellent coaching direction and support from Coach Becca. If you are wanting to create change and growth in your fitness abilities this is a perfect gym for you. Small class sizes mean I get the attention that the bigger gyms can’t provide. Check them out!”    – Meagan H.
“I started my fitness journey in December, really got serious about it in January. In 3 months I’m down 15lbs, and in 21 days I have lost 11.5 inches. I still have a long way to go, but I’m doing it!! This year I’m working on me!”                     -Kristen R.
I have just started working out with Becca after a few years of slacking on my fitness. Becca is super encouraging and motivating, the gym is new and clean, and she is really knowledgeable. I highly recommend Shameless Fitness for anyone new to the gym Or coming back after a hiatus , it’s a really comfortable place to be.”    – Steph H.
“The Kelly’s are amazing people who work so hard to provide the best service possible. I have been doing a remote program with coach Becca for over a month and I can see noticeable results already. She is prompt with answering questions and adjusting workout schedules. She is knowledgeable with the exercise experience and nutrition. She is very encouraging and truly wants to see others succeed. I am very happy with my overall experience!!”    – Megan C.
“Rebekah is an excellent coach!  What is even better is that she always exhibits a pure sense of caring, caring about her pupils, her friends.  I am challenged to improve, to do better than last time, then suddenly to realize that I reached the new goal. With praise and ongoing positive recognition from Rebekah, it is not difficult to set a new goal knowing that I can achieve it and, within no specified time as this allows failure, I will succeed. The other part of Rebekah’s fitness education classes is that Rebekah has no more than two pupils present at each time.  With only two pupils, Becca praises each of us as we achieve a new move, a new weight, or a new attempt. Soon thereafter, the students, many others and me, praise each other.  That is so very nice as this would not occur elsewhere. This would not occur in a day-to-day gym. This positive learning, positive role-modelling, positive camaraderie, and so much more, are priceless! Many thanks and tremendous respect to Rebekah, her husband, and to all who are privileged to attend Shameless Fitness.  Merci beaucoup.”    – Caroline G.
“I have been working out with Shameless Fitness since September and am loving how strong I feel! The workouts are always different and challenging, but accessible and fun – can’t say enough good stuff about this place.”     – Erin E.
Rebekah is awesome! She exudes positivity and is a great inspiration. A coach who practices what she preaches. Living the fit life and living WELL! ”      – Mike N.
We have such a great community and would love to show off some of them here!