We have such a great community of people here at Shameless Fitness! We take pride in our members and their kindness, encouragement, and uplifting attitudes. Everyone encourages, no one judges! Saturdays often consist of partner workouts. Who doesn’t love working out with a partner or getting through a workout with a team?! Sometimes we’ll have similar workouts for holidays. Today was Labor Day. Our class was a bit larger than our usual max of 2 people. We had a fun Labor Day workout that consisted of different stations, so we were able to safely have 3 people working out in the gym at the same time. It was a tough workout, but everyone worked hard and pushed through! 
               Summer is coming to an end and that means school is starting and fall routines are getting back into full swing! We want to help you get a start on your fitness goals. “The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lau Tzu.  Let us help you with that first step! Take an opportunity to meet us and come see the gym. Click HERE to get more info!