Metabolic training refers to conditioning exercises intended to increase the storage and delivery of energy for any activity. Or to put it better; Moving faster and lasting longer. Strength is good but strength combined with endurance is excellent. We train towards a goal of balance between strength and endurance.

Strength Training

When properly performed, strength training can provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being, including increased bone, muscle, tendon and ligament strength and toughness, improved joint function, reduced potential for injury, increased metabolism, and increased overall fitness. Careful attention to movement is given by coaches to ensure risk of injury is reduced. Every class includes a teaching element to improve knowledge and safety to maximize results.

Body Exercise

Pushing, pulling, dragging, climbing, jumping, squatting, and many other everyday movements are important to train. Not to be the best, but to be in control of our own bodies. In being able to efficiently move our own personal weight around, we increase muscular strength, strengthen our joints, and condition our ligaments. Body weight exercises can be challenging and are not to be underestimated for value and are also integral to the Shameless Fitness training method.


Mobility, our bodies ability to reach a full range of motion, is constantly assaulted and impacted by an ever increasingly sedentary lifestyle. We remember as children having amazing flexibility and wonder now why we struggle to reach and move. Being inflexible and lacking mobility can lead to injury and damage to our bodies if neglected. Strength without flexibility creates imbalance. Mobility without strength is imbalance. Increasing flexibility and range of motion is coached and programmed into every training session.

Online Coaching

Can’t make it to our location? No worries! We’ve put together a fantastic online coaching program to help whip your body into shape. This program teaches the same routines and techniques we provide in our gym. Check us out online today!

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